Scheduled play is 9am - 1pm   Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


                Advance level play is very competitive and game play is hard and aggressive.


                       Players are reminded to arrive no earlier than 8:45. Players are responsible for set up and take down.


        Fall 2018 season starts on Tuesday, August 14th.

        Starting Saturdays 1-3pm - June 2, 2018 – August 18, 2018 (Sat June 23 not available) 


Date Closed   Event

Fri. 10/19/18   Out of School

Thur. 10/25/18   City Health Fair

Tues 11/6/18   Out of School

Thur. 11/8/18   Chris Evert Tennis

Fri. 11/9/18    Chris Evert Tennis

Tues. 11/13/18   Chris Evert Tennis

Thur. 11/22/18   Thanksgiving

Fri. 11/23/18   Thanksgiving

Fri. 12/21/18   Staff Event

Tues. 12/25/18   City Holiday

Thur. 12/27/18   Out of School

Fri. 12/28/18   Out of School

Tues. 1/1/19   City Holiday

Thur. 1/3/19   Out of School

Fri. 1/4/19   Out of School

Fri. 2/8/19   Out of School

Tues.. 2/12/19   ATP Tennis

Thur. 2/14/19   ATP Tennis

Fri. 2/15/19   ATP Tennis

Tues. 2/19/19   ATP Tennis

Thur. 2/21/19   ATP Tennis

Fri 2/22/19   ATP Tennis

Tues. 2/26/19   ATP Tennis

Thur. 2/28/19   ATP Tennis

Fri. 3/1/19   ATP Tennis

Tues. 3/19/19   Out of School

Thur. 3/21/19   Out of School

Fri. 3/22/19   Out of School






  • This year’s play at the Community Center is limited to advanced level players.


  • All players are welcome if they feel their play level is compatible with upper level play. A player should expect that all play will be strong and hard and that opponents will not lessen their games to accommodate weaker play.


  • Players with deficiencies in their games should expect to have them challenged, during match play, as is the nature of true competitive play. Players with weaknesses in mobility, strokes, team play and court awareness should seriously consider play at the Pompey Park venue as the aggressive nature, at the advance level, may not be for them.



          A player or players with limited abilities that insist on playing may find that other players avoid playing with them and may possibly be asked to play at

          another venue.


  • At 11:30 on each Friday, court time will be available for lower level players to test their skills with advanced players. More advanced players, however, are not required to play with anyone who is not at their level, but, if they chose, they are encouraged to play at the weaknesses in any player's game and provide recommendations on how a player can improve.  It is not required that a team of advanced players split up in order to make the teams appear more fair.